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A passion that’s been lasting for over 50 years

Founded in 1960 by Mr. Elio Ceradini, the Company was settled in Valpolicella. The inspiration is still the same: mixing quaity and craftsmanship, foolowing Italian tradition.

When the tradition meets the innovation

It’s Walter, Elio’s son, carrying on with the handcraft tradition, producing high-grade products; a real passion, made with care and dedication.

The object is attention of details, mixing tradition and innovation, using classic meat cuts with high quality wines.

The wedding between preciuos meat cuts and prestigiuos wines, becomes the symbol of Vigneto dei Salumi’s products.

carni e vini pregiati

pascoli e vigneti arbizzano negrar verona


Valpolicella: history and charm of a wonderful area.

All the steps to produce our “salumi” are done in Valpolicella, an area just outside Verona, where Vigneto dei Salumi is based.
It’s one of the most important areas in Italy for history and food tradition, Valpolicella is famous in the world for producing important wines and charcuterie products.


Discovering the particular flavour.

You are more than welcome to visit us. We organise events for small group of people, to taste the range of products and discoiver where Vinappeso is made!
To book your visit, please contact us by the form

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Vigneto dei Salumi, elogio alla lentezza


Vigneto dei Salumi
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Vigneto Dei Salumi
Vigneto Dei Salumi

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